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Fenrir the Wolf - Woodland Scene

🖤🐺🖤 Named this guy and this collection Fenrir after the Norse wolf god who defeated Odin because that’s pretty dope. 🖤🐺🖤


Please allow for subtle variation in glass as these are made to order.


Framed in lead with silver patina.


Placed in a handmade wood stand with antiqued brass legs.




Framed in lead with silver patina.


Solder contains lead.


The glass we use is handmade and/or reclaimed, and every sheet of glass is one of a kind so please allow for variations in texture, character, and color. 

Fenrir the Wolf - Woodland Scene

  • When inserting glass into the wood stand, do so with gentle pressure and by the wiring if it’s there. It's intended to be a snug fit.

    When inserting trees hold by the base and insert into hole. Do not hold by glass when applying pressure. 

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