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Little Cabin in the Woods - Cottage Small Forest

🌳 Meet Me in the Woods 🌳 I’ve been wanting to bring back our Little Cabin in the Woods design but felt it needed a new twist. Whatta you think?


Little Cabin in the Woods - Small Forest 🌲🌲


This diorama was meant to be a peaceful little visual whenever you need one … a total escape!


A little cabin, & three movable trees placed in a handmade wooden stand so you can customize your cabin view.




Solder contains lead - wash hands after handling.


This is a made-to-order item and each piece is handcrafted - please allow for unique and subtle variations in blown glass and an 4-5 weeks for your design to be made and shipped. See FAQ for additonal info. FAQ for additional info.

Little Cabin in the Woods - Cottage Small Forest

  • When inserting glass into the wood stand, do so with gentle pressure and by the wiring if it’s there. It's intended to be a snug fit.

    When inserting trees hold by the base and insert into hole. Do not hold by glass when applying pressure. 

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