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Made-to-order - Archive Hold

Over the years you’ve reached out about designs you’ve loved but didn’t have a chance to make your own, so we thought we’d offer a few made-to-order spots from our archives!


You can choose any previous design from our site under the “Glass or Wind Chime” sections.


This is a holder for your MTO, and once it’s placed we’ll reach out regarding the design and any glass swaps that might need to be made.


We’re excited about this opportunity and hope you are, too! Can’t wait to see what y’all choose!


The hold purchase price covers our time discussing glass design and color pulls, time spent ordering any necessary glass for your design, and general work put in to making you a very special piece.

*purchase must be made within 24hrs from receiving custom link.*


When we’ve settled on a design you’ll receive a custom order link. Designs will be made in order of design choice and purchase - Please allow 5-6 weeks for your design to be made and ship. See FAQ for additonal info.

Made-to-order - Archive Hold

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