Moonlit Shores

Each chime is handcrafted. Made with a wooden top, hand painted sky, & glass chimes.


Decorated with glass bead accents, Tibetan bronze bells, a crystal prism. Hung with sari ribbon. 


Who doesn’t love some happy sound and some prism reflections. I love to hang in the breeze and catch some sunrays.

I also look great hanging on a wall!


What began as an idea for a way to utilize Jarod’s heaps of scrap glass has become something full of whimsy, and as with everything we do, each of these wallhangings has our little nod to the world around us.


Being able to reduce waste and turn it into something beautiful ... awesome! 


Each wall hanging has its own unique sound. 




The glass we use is handmade and every sheet of glass is one of a kind so please allow for variation.

Moonlit Shores

  • I am sealed with a wax polish. I love to be outdoors dancing in the breeze ... but if the weather gets too rough please bring me inside. I am made of glass and wood.

    I will break if I fall!